Contract No. Description Type Company
TO-MIA-177173-GO-RFQ Supply and Installation of Teleradiology Systems at Ha'apai and Vava'u Hospitals. Lump Sum Intellirad Solutions Pty Ltd
TO-MIA-123146-CS-INDV Reviewing of Pre-Departure Trainings Needs and Develop a Training Plan Lump Sum Taliui Consultancy and Educational Services
TO-MIA-228980-CS-CQS Provision of First Responder and Health and Safety Trainings for seasonal workders Lump Sum Tonga Red Cross Society
TO-MIA-70035-CS-INDV Procurement Officer Time Based Manase
TO-MIA-157613-CS-INDV On-Call IT Support Officer Time Based Matangi Toaho
MIA-CQS-COM1 Component 1 Project Driver Time Based Siope Tapu
TO-MET-124241-CS-INDV TVET Program Improvement Support Officer-QIG Time Based Lisia Latu
TO-MIA-201176-CS-INDV Part-Time Communication Officer Time Based Leipua Naulala
TO-MIA-123247-CS-INDV Senior Employment Officer (Training) - Tongatapu Time Based Siaosi Vatikani
TO-MIA-228960-CS-INDV CCT Officer 3 (Targeting and Case Management) Time Based Suliana Tuivai
TO-MIA-70037-CS-INDV Administrative Support Time Based Pesi Ilangana
TO-MIA-228983-CS-INDV SET Project Finance Assistant Time Based Kesaia Atuekaho
TO-MIA-264160-CS-INDV CCT Project Officer Time Based Sisilia Ahio
TO-MIA-228959-CS-INDV CCT Management Information Systems Officer (System Administrator) Time Based Siumafua Moala
TO-MIA-230294-CS-INDV CCT Officer 4 (Compliance and Payments) Time Based Luseane Moungaevalu
TO-MIA-264161-CS-INDV Labour Mobility Workpool Assistant Time Based Sosaia Masima