The Project Management Unit was establisehd with the intention to be responsible for the overall coordination, results monitoring and updating of the World Bank for Components 1,2,3 and 4. The fiduciary functions will also be managed by the PMU, with oversight provided by the Ministry of Finance and National Planning’s planned Central Services Unit (CSU). It will be staffed in MIA with a nationally recruited Team Leader, Procurement Officer, Project Accountant and Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, and Administrative Support Officer.

The PMU’s roles and responsibilities include:

  • Supporting the day-to-day implementation of the Project by the MIA and the MET, including preparation of annual plans and budgets, coordinating Project activities, management of consultancy contracts and training, and grievance redress mechanism
  • Regular coordination with the relevant stakeholders including the World Bank, MoFNP, MIA and MET management, other line ministries, the private sector and civil society groups;
  • Facilitating the meetings of the Skills Sector Steering Committee.
  • Reporting, monitoring and evaluation including supporting technical audits, beneficiary and other surveys and related data collection efforts.
  • Financial management activities including:
    • Managing the loan and operating account;
    • Finance record keeping, preparation of FM reports, the designated accounts, and disbursements; and
    • The preparation of Financial Monitoring Reports (FMR), Progress Reports (PR) and Procurement Management Reports (PMFs) to the World Bank.
  • Managing the Grievance Redress Mechanism for all aspects of SET in line with World Bank guidelines.
  • Organizing the various implementation support missions, a mid-term review and final review of the project.

The PMU will be supported by the CSU in MOFNP on fiduciary aspects of project implementation and monitoring and evaluation, as may be required.


The M&E specialist that will be responsible for carrying out all M&E activities, including designing monitoring data collection systems, and collecting and collating administrative data from MIA, MET and the training providers being covered under the project. This M&E Specialist will also oversee the impact evaluations of the CCT and TVET Student Support programs with technical assistance from the CSU and the World Bank. In particular the M&E specialist will:

  • Design data bases for monitoring participant and project activities in particular to ensure that quality data is available for every intermediate result and the PDO-level indicators in the SET results framework (figure next chapter).
  • Collect data quarterly from SPDD, ED and MET on program participants.
  • Prepare summary monthly and quarterly monitoring reports for the PMU team leader and the Chair of SETSC.
  • Review data quality and completeness and make recommendations to PMU team leader and SETSC for fine tuning of forms, data definitions, data entry at a minimum 6 monthly.


The Procurement officer will manage all procurement activities for MIA/ MET in accordance with World Bank procurement guidelines and will ensure that the procurement arrangements successfully deliver Value for Money in achieving the Project Development Objective. As part of this role they will:

  • coordinate the preparation (or update) of the Projects Procurement Strategy for Development
  • coordinate the preparation (or update, as needed) of Procurement Plans
  • prepare all the procurement documentation for goods, non-consulting services and consulting services
  • monitor the Procurement Performance for the SET Project, including actively and pragmatically addressing any delays.


The Project Accountant will maintain project accounts; prepare withdrawal applications; work with auditors; prepare annual financial statements and assist in the preparation and monitoring of the project budget. This will include:

  • Processing accurately and promptly all accounting transactions, issuing receipts for funds received and maintaining reconciled accounts
  • Keeping relevant documents and invoices systematically to fully support the accounts.
  • Assisting in the planning and preparation of the annual work program and budget
  • Assisting in the preparation of quarterly Interim Financial Reports and annual financial reports.


The Administrive Assistant will develop and maintain a filing system for the transaction documentation, complaints administrator, schedule meetings and logistics


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The project consists of four components.

Polokalama Tokoni ki he Ngaahi Famili Tu'ulaveangofua mo Masivesiva 'oku 'iai 'enau Fanau Ako Kolisi 'i Tonga

Pa'anga Tokoni ki he Fanau Ako TVET

Ngaahi Polokalama Ngaue ki Tu'apule'anga

Tafa'aki 'oku ne tokonga'i hono fakalelei e ngaahi polokalama e poloseki SET 'i he Konga 1-3.

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